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The Silence After Life

Experimental / narrative feature film released 27th November 2020 by Blink in the Endless

The Silence After Life film poster

Written, directed and scored by Daniel Thomas Freeman

"When I was fifty six I went mute for ten days." - Katherine Amesbury

An experimental drama / meditation on grief, spirituality and the beauty of nature, with minimal dialogue and immersive score / sound design. Following a serious accident, a lonely woman in her fifties experiences intense visions as she loses her voice and runs away from home to live rough in the beauty of the English woods.

"The Silence After Life" is Daniel Thomas Freeman's debut as a film writer / director and it builds on his previous solo music work and his ten years as part of the South London ambient / drone / folk trio Rameses III. This new project has involved over a hundred people and has taken five years to complete, including over two years to edit the film and to create the extensive and immersive sound design and score.

The film is an poetic meditation on grief, spirituality and the beauty of nature. It uses minimal dialogue and takes cinematic inspiration from Andrei Tarkovsky, David Lynch, Shane Carruth, Peter Strickland, Sally Potter and Derek Jarman. It stars Sally Mortemore ("Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", "Game of Thrones") as Katherine Amesbury who is supported by actors Emma Spearing ("Red Call"), Lucy Alfred and David Broughton-Davies.

- Brenda Blethyn, Oscar Nominee

- Brighton Rocks Film Festival

- Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival




The Life Tree

Narrative short film released 1st June 2020.

This film is part of "The Uncertain Kingdom", a collection of twenty short films, from twenty visionary filmmakers, offering a unique portrait of the United Kingdom today

Directed by Paul Frankl

Original film score by Daniel Thomas Freeman

An EP (mini-album) of the score has been released with three additional bonus tracks.

'The Life Tree' film, produced by Amy Binns and starring Díana Bermude is available on BFI Player, iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon Prime Video and Curzon Home Cinema. The planned April 2020 cinema release unfortunately had to be cancelled to due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

"the imaginative and disturbing direction of The Life Tree gives pause for thought"
Emily Harrison, The Upcoming

Cancer Research UK - 'Stand By Me' - Director's Cut

Charity promotional short released 24th September 2016

Directed by Charlie Thorne

Track licensed from Rameses III (including Daniel Thomas Freeman)
Track recorded and mixed by Daniel Thomas Freeman

Making The Lie Box

Short film released 16th November 2015

Directed by Daniel Thomas Freeman
An actor, a singer and two musicians talk about creating a surrealistic collage of words and music evoking the colourful life of the diarist and novelist Anaïs Nin
Additional music written and produced by Mayda Narvey and Daniel Thomas Freeman

Catch Me Daddy

Feature film released in the UK by Studio Canal 27th February 2015

Catch Me Daddy film poster

Directed by Daniel Wolfe and Matthew Wolfe
An EMU FILMS production supported by Film4, BFI, Lipsync, Screen Yorkshire and Studio Canal
Film score written and produced by Matthew Watson and Daniel Thomas Freeman
Score recorded and mixed by Daniel Thomas Freeman
(including score to the teaser video above and score in the UK trailer above to 1:05)

"a dischordant, eerie nightmare that seeps into your skin and lingers there for weeks"
Indiewire's 2015 list of '15 Composers To Watch'

"The ominous ambient score ... feeds into this slow crescendo of rumbling unease"
The Hollywood Reporter website review

"superb use of visuals and music together to create something which is almost fairy tale"
Mark Kermode (BBC)

"A rumbling, sometimes discordant score ... provides a highly effective assist"
Variety website review

"'Catch Me Daddy' Is The Best British Debut Of The Year"
Grolsch Film Works website review

"the score ... is wild ... the frenetic music propels the entire film forward"
FathersOnHolyGore website review

"5/5 ... a monstrous beauty in grim details ... unspeakably powerful"
The Irish Times website review

"5/5 ... subtle nightmare-creators stepping towards the hyperreal ... that haunting, that original, that unplaceable"
The Financial Times website review

"4/5 ... fresh and immediate ... feels authentic and informed ... ambiguous and unpredictable"
Time Out website review

"4/5 ... feels primal and strangled when combined with the unearthly din of [the] primordial score"
Fan The Fire website review

"4/5 ... the direction from Daniel Wolfe is extraordinarily good for a first feature"
Live For Films website review

"a director with enormous promise ... the score ... is also excellent"
Indiewire website review

"4/5 ... a terrifically bright start for its director"
The Telegraph website review

"almost has a Coen brothers vibe"
The London Evening Standard website review

"a fierce and boldly questioning drama about ... contemporary Britain"
The Guardian website review

"compelling, powerful, confident, captivating cinema"
The Huffington Post website review

"4/5 ... a beautifully realised vision"
The Metropolist website review

"hugely impressive debut feature ... a fine use of music to inform the ramping up of tension"
The Moviescramble website review

"4/5 ... everything about this film creates a perfect British thriller"
The UpComing website review

"an utterly astounding first film from the Wolfe brothers"
SHUMedia website review

"a similar intensity and commitment for authenticity ... to the work of Shane Meadows and Clio Barnard"
flickreel website review

"stunning visuals and visceral soundtrack"
The Thin Air website review

"4/5 ... the film's soundtrack, often bizarrely dissonant with the goings-on on screen, is used masterfully"
SW | Seroword website review

"9/10 ... meticulous precise detail throughout the film on every shot, every location, sound design"
Midlands Movies website review

Selected for the Cannes Directors' Fortnight 2014 (France) and nominated for the Camera D'Or
Winner of Most Promising Newcomer (actor Sameena Jabeen Ahmed) and nominated for 4 other awards in the British Independent Film Awards
Winner of Best British Newcomer (actor Sameena Jabeen Ahmed) at the BFI London Film Festival 2014 (UK) and nominated for the Graham Sutherland First Feature Award and Best British Newcomer (writers / directors Daniel and Matthew Wolfe)
Included in the Variety's Critics' Choice selection at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival (Czech Republic)
Winner of Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography at the Dinard British Film Festival 2014 (France)
Also selected for the Jerusalem International Film Festival (Israel) , the Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia) and the Espoo Cine Intl Film Festival (Finland)

The Last Hunt

National Film Board of Canada interactive short film

Still from

Directed by Alexi Hobbs
Track licensed from Rameses III (including Daniel Thomas Freeman)
Track recorded and mixed by Daniel Thomas Freeman

"A stunning piece of digital storytelling"
All My Faves website review

"You may find yourself choking up without even knowing why"
The Globe And Mail website article

"strategic use of lush but sombre music sets the tone for the scenes of both life and death"
Hyperallergic website article

Winner of a 2014 Webby Award

Paradise Island

Independant short film released 2015

Still from

Directed by Kat Jayme
A documentary about the harsh realities of living on a beautiful tropical island
Featured at Canne's 2015 Short Film Corner
"Theme Four" track licensed from Rameses III (including Daniel Thomas Freeman)
Track recorded and mixed by Daniel Thomas Freeman and available on the Honey Rose EP

Best Short Documentary Nominee, Leo Awards 2016
Best Documentary Screenplay Nominee, Leo Awards 2016
Award of Excellence, Canada Intl. Film Festival 2016
Eco Tourism Award, Cinema Verde Film Festival 2016
Silver Lei Award, Honolulu Intl. Film Festival 2016
Yale Environmental Film Festival 2016
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival 2015
Dina Filipino Film Showcase Seattle 2016
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2016
To Save and Preserve Intl. Ecological TV Festival 2016
Transition Bondi Sydney, Australia Community Screening 2016
UBC 100 Next Film Festival 2016
Cinema Verde St. Augustine Film Festival 2016
VIFF + Surfrider Vancouver Foundation Environmental Film Fundraiser 2016
Cannes Short Film Corner 2015


Independant short film

Still from

Directed by Jon Spira
Film score written and produced by Rameses III (including Daniel Thomas Freeman)
Score recorded and mixed by Daniel Thomas Freeman
Score released with bonus material as the Honey Rose EP

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