'Dayalu / for Nepal'

Compilation released Wednesday 6 May 2015 on Hibernate as CDr and digital

"Dayalu / for Nepal" cover

digital editions

Available on digital platforms such as Bandcamp / Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon Music.


Album compiled to raise donations to help towards the earthquake disaster in Nepal. All donations will be given to the British Red Cross (£2000 donated even before release date).

Download available as various formats including MP3 and FLAC.


The Rothko Chapel - Easy Tiger
The Sly and Unseen - Dusk Drifts By
Leigh Toro - Dolor
Isnaj Dui - No One Would Disturb Them There
Machinefabriek - Minuut 5
Caught In The Wake Forever - Station Middle
The Laborer - A Room To Escape
HC - Accidental
The Declining Winter - High Over The Peaceful Land
Clem Leek - Somewhere Music Is Playing
Machinefabriek - Minuut 6
Autistici - Seven Point Eight
Memory Drawings - Sunrise
Tegh - Banished
Field Rotation - High Altitude
Brave Timbers - Streams
Machinefabriek - Minuut 7
Maps and Diagrams - Kodiak
The Green Kingdom - Faun
Good Weather For An Airstrike - You Mean The World To Me
Visionary Hours - With Slow Rotation
Isan - Leave Me At The Painted Gate
Antonymes - Collapsed (Shorter Than Before)
Machinefabriek - Minuut 8
James Murray - To Believe In Ghosts (edit)
Olan Mill - Tyriela
Daniel Thomas Freeman - Balcony
Danny Clay - Mt Adams
OfHere - Hollow
Machinefabriek - Minuut 9
Arovane - Fluteplay for Nepal
offthesky - Heaven in High Water
Rough Fields - Abu Dhabi
David Newlyn - A Friendly Voice on a Rainy Night
Yellow6 - In Pictures
Machinefabriek - Minuut 10
Furrows - Fragments of a Portrait
Paper Relics - Passages
Mute Forest feat. Matthew Herron - Amid River Sounds
William Ryan Fritch - Bellowing
Machinefabriek - Minuut 11
Wil Bolton - Majolica
Twincities - Inland Shores

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