Compilation released Wednesday 27 June 2012 on Futuresequence as digital

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digital editions

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SEQUENCE 4 showcases some of the finest artists from around the world, working in the genres of ambient, drone, minimal, electronic and modern classical.


Bengalfuel - Bajang
Black Elk - Myst
Wolf maps - Arc
Michael Oldham - Furthermost
Nobuto Suda - Lyricism Of The Light
Wil Bolton - Umbra
A-Sun Amissa - Arm in Arm to a Full Awakening
Hills & Valley- Bells
Hakobune - I
Johnny Ripper - I'm not here
Loscil - Halocline
Zvuku - Northking
Porya Hatami - Winter
Anna Rose Carter- Two For Joy (Ed Hamilton edit)
Pleq & Philippe Lamy - White Hole (excerpt)
Mere - I
Accelra - Burial
Climbing on Rooftops - Motionless
J Butler - Grey
Richard Knox & Frederic D Oberland - Drawing Lines To The End Of The World
ioflow - Impermanence
Neue - Pluto
Damian Valles - Night Visions
Waves on Canvas - Still (for Pieter Nooten)
Aquarelle - Pale and Constant
Apta - Shadows
Le Berger - Internal Struggles [The Future. The End]
Guy Birkin - Ptinid_3
Danny Clay - Too Little
The Oo-ray - Diplodocus
Fontaine - Milk
Raven - Sleeping Dogs Lie
Pineptones - Mutual Funds
I've Lost - Looking at the Sky
Sunset Mission - Way
Daniel Thomas Freeman - When The Rains Fall II (last minute mix)
Jerome Faria - Sustain I
Yakobfinga - In a Birdless Dawn
Heinali - Music to Sleep Under Snow
Radere - Burn the Mountain
Voder - Gramophone Lullaby
Nanga Parbat Pilgrimage - Silbersattel

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