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RAMESES III - Retrospective - Blink In The Endless, 2016

Now six years ago, after a couple of Ep who followed a short distance away that little masterpiece Ambienta-folk who answered to the title of "I Could Not Love You More", he concluded the artistic experience of Rameses III. Since then, its three components have not stopped making music, taking on different and parallel paths of the duo Padang Food Tigers (Spencer Grady and Stephen Lewis) and the activity soloist Daniel Freeman, who recently presented the splendid "The Infinite and The Unknowable".

The band's experience remains one of the most vivid and inspired interpretations of an electro-acoustic universe in balance between environmental contemplation and melancholy bucolic, basically akin to the poetics of the countryside in the past decade has brought together many British artists. Then, acquired a certain distance from the interruption of its publications, and without indulging in celebrations, here is a rich retrospective of the band's work, through a digital collection in four volumes, as well as extended versions of the albums "Matanuska" (2006) and " Basilica" (2008), includes the rare EP "Jozepha" and "thrift" (both 2004), the latest "Honey Rose" (2007) and "For José María" (2010), as well as eleven previously unreleased tracks, six of which form the new Ep "Across Wounded Galaxies".

On the latter should focus, without of course neglecting the routes between folk and testing more or less rippled dronica rinvenibili going up the discography of the band, nor the touching minimalism dell'espansa play piano "For José María".

The songs on "Across Wounded Galaxies" are precisely coeval compared to "I Could Not Love You More" and to some extent they complement the content, however, offering a substantially different cross-section of the band's feelings at that particular moment of creation. Indeed, who would have thought that on the sidelines of the delicacy involved hard and ecstatic band members cultivate inspiration, for example, for My Bloody Valentine and the electric jazz of the '70s? The revelation, as well as the notes in the margins of Ep, comes from the initial feedback suffocated "When The Phone Goes Dead", in fact closer to the first Epic45 that the band of Kevin Shields, however, completely weakened in the second version the same song, that instead lapping suggestions between Bark Psychosis and Zelienople , marked by an interpretation placid voice and evocative. This is substantially different sound robes, however confirmed by the electric twists of "We Climb" and "Excerpt From The Keeper", which instead evaporate leaving the dewy surface resonances of the title track.

Outside of Ep, significant others are unpublished short acoustic glimpse "Sartoris" and that enveloped persuasive environmental mists "Light in August", which together complete attachments soundscapes in a bucolic imagery at the same time concrete and elusive, the same variously described along the listening journey of four hours which comprises a retrospective that makes faithfully about really valuable artistic experience, not to be forgotten, indeed the whole of (re) discover.

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Raffaello Russo
Saturday 10 December 2016

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