'Across Wounded Galaxies'
Rameses III

Album released Friday 11 November 2016 on Blink in the Endless as digital

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"one of the most vivid and inspired interpretations of an electro-acoustic universe"
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This previously-unreleased avant rock / ambient EP takes six tracks from the sessions for the album 'I Could Not Love You More' (2009) and provides a glimpse into just how different that critically-acclaimed album could have been.

Using the inspiration of My Bloody Valentine, Jon Hassell and the 1970's electric jazz of Miles Davis as a starting point, 'Across Wounded Galaxies' digs deep into the darker, heavier sound of Rameses III with more than a hint of the later work of Daniel Thomas Freeman.

'When the Phone Goes Dead' is a key track. In its original form at the end of the EP it dreams and swirls and rhapsodises with chiming guitars from Spencer Grady and Stephen Lewis and strung-out accordian. However the EP starts with the final second version where Freeman amps up the Lewis/Grady acoustic guitars into a glowing lava field, slowly erupting and inexorably burning the soil beneath into black rock, vocals and harmonies heard at a distance through the sweltering haze.

The heat fury dissipates with 'We Climb'. The guitars have morphed into a ground-level smoke of white and grey before clear notes penetrate the fog and the light can be seen beyond.

With 'Across Wounded Galaxies' Rhodes piano and electric guitar soar high above and around flurries of acoustic guitar and everything is just about held to earth by the gravity of knife percussion and nervous bow guitar.

'Excerpt from the Keeper' provides the most obvious link to 'I Could Not Love You More'. The high drones, vocal stasis loops and swimming bass from this track later found their way into the bliss-landscapes of 'We Shall Never Sing Of Sorrow' and 'All Shall Be Well' on that album ... but here they fight with knuckle-scraping, asthmatic beasts and cries of lap-steel.

The EP ends with 'The Closer I Get (After Alvin Lucier)': an audio ghost of a song processed through layer upon layer of time.


01 When the Phone Goes Dead II
02 We Climb
03 Across Wounded Galaxies
04 Excerpt from the Keeper
05 When the Phone Goes Dead I
06 The Closer I Get (After Alvin Lucier)

Track 4 was previously released in 2006 as part of the Gold Soundz compilation "Orange Gold"


Rameses III are Spencer Grady, Stephen Lewis and Daniel Thomas Freeman.

Written, performed and produced by Rameses III

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Daniel Thomas Freeman

Artwork by Daniel Thomas Freeman

Catalogue Number BE005RAM

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