"I Could Not Love You More" cover

Album released 2009 on Type (vinyl, CD, digital: 2009) / Blink in the Endless (Bandcamp only: 2016)




Only thirteen albums were chosen from 1969 to 2010

2009 was quite a year for a new wave of Ambient music, where key labels such as Kranky, Type and Touch existed alongside a healthy emergence of smaller labels such as Under The Spire, Hibernate and Home Normal. Artists would appear on bigger labels but also be willing to work on smaller runs with DIY labels which would often produce handmade packaging. Croydon’s Rameses III are one such example, having releases on Under The Spire and their debut with Foxglove. It was their album for Type, which for me was a special moment in my burgeoning obsession with Ambient music and what I love about I Could Not Love You More is that it was made using acoustic instruments such as guitar and lapstring but with a fair helping of drones made from the instruments [Rameses III note: actually there are several electronic instruments on the record too]. I discovered that acoustic instruments could make truly beautiful drones, rich in texture. Some pieces are a little more open and bright but overall, this is a dreamy, reflective record that gives me a sense of nostalgia and puts the listener into a sentimental mood. As the artists say in the Bandcamp liner notes, the title can be whatever you want it to be, something for you to relate to and cherish.


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