Indiewire's 2015 list of '15 Composers To Watch'

On The Rise 2015: 15 Composers To Watch [excerpt]

Below, you'll find fifteen names that we've been listening to over the last twelve months or so, each of whom either have or are sure to have much more to come.

Not that many people on this side of the pond saw "Catch Me Daddy", the Cannes-approved debut feature by Daniel Wolfe, a deeply uncomfortable, terrifying-yet-beautiful look at honor killings in Yorkshire, England. But those that did are undoubtedly still haunted by the film's score, a dischordant, eerie nightmare that seeps into your skin and lingers there for weeks. The music comes from Matthew Watson (a pseudonym for Matthew Wolfe, the director's brother who also co-wrote the movie), and Daniel Thomas Freeman, formerly a member of South London drone-folk band Rameses III, and along with Robbie Ryan's images, it does much to create the film's haunting mood. Neither appear to have any further bookings for composition yet, but with the Wolfe Brothers developing a Graham Greene-ish spy tale set in China, we hope that Freeman and 'Watson' will be reunited there, if not elsewhere.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

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