'Night Of The Ankou'
Rameses III / The North Sea

Album released Monday 3 July 2006 on Type as CD and digital

"Night Of The Ankou" cover

digital editions


Available on digital platforms such as Bandcamp / Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon Music.


Digipak CD album with new artwork and additional Xela remix 'Return Of The Ankou'.


Death Of The Ankou
Night Blossoms Written In Sanskrit
Return Of The Ankou


Rameses III are Spencer Grady, Stephen Lewis and Daniel Thomas Freeman.

All titles written, performed and prduced by The North Sea and Rameses III

Engineered and mixed by The North Sea and Daniel Thomas Freeman

Artwork by Type

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"the cinematic echo of loneliness"
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"oh boy, is this one absolutely beautiful record"
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"utterly vast ... an ambient masterpiece ... psychedelic, epic and genuinely warming"
"slowly shifting altitudes, carried on bowed strings and bamboo woodwinds"
Exclaim magazine
"easily the most intense and thorough investigation of the power of the slow burn"
Indie Workshop
"fecking lovely"
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"excellent and blissful album for meditation, ingestion, twilight, background, rest, and awakening"
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"the best collaborations are ones where the final result sounds different than both bands ... this one is amazing"
'routeslist' experimental music Yahoo group
"this CD is a thing of great beauty"
"occupies the same head space as krautrockers Popol Vuh"
"the mood shifting ever so subtly from elegiac calm to paradisiacal splendour"

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